Life Pharmacy Henderson

Life Pharmacy Henderson

Fashion + Health
Health & Beauty (Hair, Pharmacy, Nails, Spa) division

Designer:Context Architects

Shopfitter:Allen and Chapman

Retailer:Green Cross


A new shopfront for Life Pharmacy Henderson:
• Opened up the shopfront to create strong sightlines from strategic points within Westcity Westfield Mall
• Delivered a strong, creative roll-out of the new Life Pharmacy brand within the constraints and opportunities of a uniquely long shopfront with two frontages and a corner
• Provided distinct, strategic entry points to attract different customer groups drawn by premium beauty brands and the dispensary
• Created a clean, calm ambience by introducing visual pauses through the confident white space, and a ‘black ribbon’ motif framing the window and creating ‘breathing room’ for key retail messages to be absorbed.


Busting the brief

The design exceeded the brief by: 

• Increasing the amount of revenue-generating window display areas (rented by prestige brands) without cannibalising interior product display areas 
• Through careful design, opening up access to the front walls from the interior (behind the window display) to create a huge retail display area 
• Creating new brand devices for the extra-long shopfront, while remaining cohesive and on brand at all times
• Creating new entry points. One signposted with the more medical Green Cross motif to draw in dispensary customers whose objective is to get-in and get-out. This entrance is nearer the Postshop – dispensary customer’s other key destination
The alternative Life Pharmacy liveried entrance appeals to beauty customers – who are happy to linger and more receptive to impulse purchases


• Budget $150,000.

• 21% increase in foot traffic
• 13% increase in sales.
• 50% saving on power bill and more comfortable shopping experience (lighter without being hotter)
• Compliments from customers, staff, suppliers and other retailers 
• Fully booked window schedule with suppliers on waiting list


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