Congratulations to our 2023 winners

RED Star Award

The aim of this award is to discover, encourage and introduce the retail interiors industry’s ‘rising stars of the future’.

It is open to Designers, Shop fitter/joiners, or Retail Specialist Suppliers those who have been in the industry for up to three years, and who are 30 years of age or under.

Entries for this award are by nomination only and it’s free to enter. Employers, Clients, or Industry Professionals are invited to nominate a promising candidate.


Entry requirements

You will be asked to upload:

A PDF – (can be up to 4 pages) that outlines the nominee’s talent, achievements and potential to the industry. The PDF will read a bit like a CV and should include a:

  • A testimony or reference (written by the nominator)

And a summary of the nominee’s

  • Background and education 
  • Work experience
  • Achievements
  • An example project including: 
    • an outline of the clients brief
    • the candidate’s roles/responsibility and contribution to the project 
    • A summary of the project outcome 
    • Photos that represent an example of the nominees work 


Terms of entry

Entry is by nomination only. Nominations will be accepted by Employers, Clients, or Industry Professionals.

The nominee must be 30 years of age or under and have been working in the industry for a period of 3 years or less by 6th October 2022

Entries are free. Click here to submit entry  


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