Wild Pair

Wild Pair

Fashion + Health
Accessories (Eyewear, Jewellery, Hair, Footwear) division

Designer:Studio Gascoigne Limited

Shopfitter:IRMAC builders limited

Retailer:wild pair


As Wild Pair has now passed its 21st birthday we and our client decided it was time for the brand to grow-up. Since we first started designing the chain in 1993 we have tried to keep it evolving but the latest intention was to create a more mature aesthetic than the “raw” look that has, so far, predominated.


The almost square 149m2, corner site, in the 277fashion precinct, offered good visibility but very limited wall space. To accommodate the necessary stock capacity we used the 2 large window areas as both internal and external displays but sought to break this up with a number of simple pine pigeon-holes which both support and group various product categories while illuminating them with LED lighting. Pigeon-holes also help decorate the upper wall areas of the 4m high space. 


The aim was to keep the interior decoration low-key and neutral as a soft backdrop to the merchandise. To achieve this we used a mixture of off-white painted surfaces, concrete floors and cedar ship-lap lining which was painted with white undercoat and then hand-sanded back to a “worn” finish. This finish was also applied to the entry portal which hides columns and the roller door support structure. The equally textured pendant lights over the courter are genuine antique items converted to use modern light-sources.


Decorations are deliberately restrained. These include various framed posters and the hand-painted and deliberately “worn” versions of the Wild Pair logo behind the counter. Fixtures are also minimal being a mixture of clear powder-coated steel and pine ply.


Overall the interior seeks to present a more elegant and mature variation of the previous Wild Pair fitout models to reflect the increasing sophistication of the multitude of customers who have grown-up with the brand.


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