The Shelter

The Shelter

Fashion + Health
Apparel division

Designer:Pennant & Triumph

Shopfitter:Andrew Hungeson

Retailer:Victoria Taylor

Design Description

The client - Vicky Taylor wanted a simple yet stylish, clean and minimal space that would serve as an open plan store housing various retail offerings under the one roof - clothing, home-wares, accessories, skin care and a café.
The various brand offerings would have a similar point of view – all carefully curated and chosen for their stylish appeal for style savvy customers to gather for an extended shopping experience.
The budget at $180k was always going to be a challenge but by staying true to the buildings industrial/commercial heritage we were able to take advantage of several key elements - the concrete flooring, the block walls and a good roofline.

The space had to allow for a high degree of flexibility in being able to showcase product and the various brands under the one roof.
Like an art gallery the store can be reconfigured as some brands expand and others shrink at various times.
The client favoured a predominantly black and white colour scheme where the clothing and other items for sale would be more sharply brought into focus against such a neutral backdrop.
They also favoured an industrial edge that was in keeping with the buildings history having been a commercial laundry.
As such the space was comprised of a simple large warehouse with block walls, high ceilings, concrete floor and a small courtyard at the rear.
We kept this feel but lightened and whiten’d up the space literally through painting the entire interior shell white and punching through the back block wall to create extra windows and doors to an outdoor area. Other materials typically found in a warehouse were used extensively including steel windows, steel feature walls and fixturing and concrete flooring.
The finished design ended up having a simple neutral aesthetic that is not only striking but timeless.

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