Spark Retail Fit-out Sylvia Park

Spark Retail Fit-out Sylvia Park

Home + Electronics
Appliances, Electronics, Telecommunications & Digital division

Designer:Spaceworks Design Group




The new look store leads the way in creating a new retail experience in down-under. Bringing both intangible and tangible products to life the new space inspires customers to stay and be inspired.


• Showcases solutions rather than a house of product by cross-merchandising. 
• Banquets and café-esk tables for casual, consultative sales process.
• Live accessories encouraging customers to stay and play. 
• Active waterproof phones dropped in fish tank.


• Home products surrounded by cabinetry which personifies a home TV wall unit. No cliché couch scenario.
• Curated storage solutions in-store reducing the need for staff to leave customers to retrieve product.
• Counters designed to remove traditional ‘across counter’ transaction
• POS counters integrated with display tables bringing staff out onto shop-floor. Tables designed to stand alone, when pushed together the leg detail imitates an aspect of the Spark logo.


• A hospitality zone - free ‘spark’-ling water.
• Lockable ‘charge your phone’ cabinet. 
• Future-proofed mobile payments (within two to three months).
• Customers can ‘top up’ in-store. 
• Virtual queuing.


• Colours and finishes designed to get better with age and do away with sterile white.
• Timber selected to be warm and inviting.
• Metal and concrete to exude an urban/youth appeal - moving away from corporate look and feel
• Shop front, a glass box creating a gallery for a Spark shopfront story. 
• Shop front opens right out making it inviting and welcoming.


• Timber portal is faceted back into the store leading you in with an orange key-line and enhancing brand presence.
• Lighting a key feature. Steering clear of prescriptive wash of light by ensuring highs and lows in-store. Combination of linear extrusion, LED spots (high points) and pendants at front to create drama, warmth.
• Right hand-side of store, timber ceiling feature mirrors the timber floor below and delineates the customer service area

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