Hallensteins Queen Street

Hallensteins Queen Street

Fashion + Health
Apparel division

Designer:Studio Gascoigne Limited

Shopfitter:Datum Projects

Retailer:Hallensteins Brothers Limited


Hallensteins’ new Queen Street flagship store is their biggest store at 522m2 and is housed in the historic Lewis Eady building (formerly Supré). Despite extensive structural work some of the original interior features remain. Our brief was to retain the standard Hallensteins fixturing system which we juxtaposed with as much of the building’s “raw” shell. The aim was not to alienate Hallensteins mass-market fashion customer by the store becoming an unapproachable boutique. New air conditioning and other services were required along with a new concrete floorples.


We aimed to capitalise on the building’s unique character by exposing its structure and textures as a backdrop to the merchandise, made difficult as much of the original interior and shopfront had been lost during previous structural works. We replicated some of the frontage’s geometry and previously destroyed features, such as the column grid and steel joinery. We exposed all remaining original surfaces to celebrate the building’s character and its proud past.


Original time-worn concrete, brick and steel speak for themselves. The new concrete floor was deliberately stained to look like the worn original. The fitting room area is housed in a separate timber-lined building so was reconstructed largely of Muros faux concrete panels with exposed wiring. The front doors are custom-made steel items to match the existing façade joinery above. Fixturing is minimal, clear powder-coated steel to de-emphasise this while allowing the high stock loads.


Despite significant, structural, fire, heritage and services challenges, the interior has a huge customer appeal that bridges the gap between mass-market and hard-edged urban retail. Original elements of the historic original building were brought back into view while meeting the tough heritage regulations. Overall we believe that the resulting interior is a fun and stimulating place in keeping with our city’s re-emerging, vibrant urban retail culture.


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