Carpet Court Albany

Carpet Court Albany

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Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Power Tools, Hardware, Garden and Building division

Designer:Studio Gascoigne Limited

Shopfitter:GDM Retail Systems

Retailer:Carpet Court


Carpet Court Albany is a pilot store for a new type of home furnishings store. Our client stated: “I don’t want to change a shop, I want to change an industry”. Typically, carpet stores tend to be very bland, functional environments dominated by mismatching manufactures stands and similar grey carpet samples.


Market research told us that carpet customers are primarily looking for colour and inspiration. We wanted an “active” space where customers could mix and match a variety of flooring and fabric types create a full colour story for their homes. We first made most samples into the same size (approx. A2) so various products could be inter-mixed with colour-boards, room shots and messages. We rejected the typical carpet “venetian” tiered displays in favour of a basket-weave of “Music Stand” sample holders to allow samples to be easily compared, moved or replac


The resulting “Pods” can display any of Carpet Court’s products: carpet, vinyl, laminate, tiles, curtains or blinds. These Pods are easily moved and individually lit to allow for easy and quick fitout or reconfiguration of stores. In additional the “Colour Wall” is a curved display designed to give customers an inspiring overview of the colour range. Carpet and hard-flooring samples are displayed as large “Master Pieces” on the floor, allowing customers to walk on each sample. In-situ views of a variety of products are shown on multiple hanging banners which also help customers navigate the store while activating the 4m of space above the touchable samples.


The counter area is deliberately low key and neutral with its face decorated in leftover cardboard carpet-roll cores. The overall result is an interior which is more inspirational than the industry norm while striving not to be too boutique in a retail sector which is very price sensitive.


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